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Quilting Styles

All Over Edge to Edge Quilting

A continuous design is worked from one side of your quilt to the other.  It is repeated from top to bottom of your quilt. The patterns range from simple to complex designs and I have a range of patterns available, including:

Flower designs
Star designs
Heart designs
Feather designs
Geometric designs
Other designs

I have many designs to choose from, but if I haven't got something to suit your quilt, I am happy to order something that you like.


A continuous line worked all over your quilt top which may include large stipple, simple flowers, loops, and swirls.


Medium to fine stippling covering large areas of your quilt

Stitch in the Ditch/Outlining

This is one of the most time consuming styles of quilting.  The quality of the ditch stitching also depends on the piecing and pressing of your quilts.  If you would like ditch stitching please ensure your seams are well pressed and flat.

Custom Quilting

Custom quilting includes meandering, stippling, stitch in the ditch, motifs, outline and echo quilting, block designs, border designs, feathers, McTavishing, etc.

Machine Basting

For hand quilters, I offer a basting service.  This means no more crawling round the floor, taping, pinning and hand basting.  Simply drop off your quilt and it comes back to you ready to quilt.

Binding Service

A binding service is available if required.

Click here to see how to estimate your quilting cost.  I will give you a fixed price at your booking appointment.

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